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The Story So Far...

About Me

Isaiah Jackson is a Cellist, Film Score Composer, Writer, Director, Photographer, Videographer, and the creator of this website.


           He started his Cello studies at the age of 9, at Windy Ridge K-8 school. Under the direction of Susan Packer. He continued his Cello studies throughout middle and highschool, playing with the Florida Symphony Youth Orchestra for 3 years (F.S.Y.O.), whilst also playing in the Dr. Phillips Highschool orchestra for 4 years. For that period of time, he was under the direction of Raine Allen. He is currently studying Instrumental Performance in Cello and Composition at Jacksonville University, where he plans to become a professional Cellist and Film Score Composer.


          He wrote his first screenplay in 2020 named “Speed.” The premise of the film is about a boy who loses his father and becomes motivated to hurt the ones who are responsible but ends up hurting the ones he loves in the same process. Isaiah stated that in order for him to bring his characters to life he injects a lot of his personal life and experiences into the stories.  Unfortunately, his screenplays are unavailable at the moment, but his plans are to adapt them into books first and gradually publish them starting in 2030.

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          Isaiah was first motivated by his brother to start composing in 2019 for a feature film his brother was writing. It was then that he began to experiment with various acoustic and synth instruments for the first time. In his senior year of high school, he took on a music technology class that introduced him to the sound engineering program Logic, a significant upgrade from the Garageband app he was using on IOS. In 2021 he released his first song “Power” on the Composers Playground Instagram as a part of their website launch. Isaiah stated that because he is a writer and a composer, in the past the two professions blended at times. He went on to further say that when he was writing "Speed" he found himself coming up with concepts for what he wanted the score to sound like; and actually composed an original piece for his, yet-to-be-made film.


"Composers Playground was born from an idea, alike all other creations before it. The idea itself worked in tandem with a purpose emanating from the desire to give. The design became an extension of that idea, providing and encouraging community spaces and discussions, recommending composition programs spanning across all devices while at the same time presenting daily composition news from around the world; In spite of all of the cultural, financial, economic, or social backgrounds we have, Composers Playground is meant for everyone because music is one of the great many tools shared by all humans alike; And this website is an embracement of that accomplishment. I humbly welcome you all to the playground "

Isaiah  Jackson 

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