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 My Compositions

This is my official composition page! These works incorporate various synth as well as acoustic instruments in a harmonious blend of duets, trios, and large ensemble pieces. I hope you enjoy!


Power was a class project in my music technology class. The assignment was to create a piece based on any genre, I, an aspiring film score composer and nerd of couse chose the superhero genre side of film scoring. and a couple of weeks later power was born.    

PowerIsaiah Jackson
00:00 / 03:02

Pure Evil

Pure Evil was a personal project of mine, often in class what I would do if I didn't particualrly favor the current assignment was do side projects either during or after I finished the assignment early. This piece was the first time I collaborated with an instrumentalist . When you listen you'll hear his electric guitar and amazing improvizational skills when he and the cellos take the melody onto a different path. Thank You Lucas!! 

Pure Evil Isaiah Jackson
00:00 / 02:49

The Dark Lord

Ohhh The Dark Lord. This particular piece holds a special place in my heart. After I graduated high school I felt like I wasn't composing to the best of my ability, and that was because I wasn't. With my newfound time, I started to compose for longer hours causing me to overwork myself and fatigue. That problem started to take form in my works. The Dark Lord reminded me that I was still capable of creating pieces I was satisfied with as long as I don't overwork myself. 

The Dark Lord Isaiah Jackson
00:00 / 04:26


When I first started composing Reborn I realized that I mainly like to write dark-sounding music. This realization motivated me to experiment more with brighter sounding chord progressions as you will briefly hear around 1:12. This Piece is also the first of my orchestra pieces to officially be scored. 

RebornIsaiah Jackson
00:00 / 05:58

Lost in the woods of my own mind | Trio

This Trio was assigned to me by my composition professor and was my "first try" at making a trio. I was only composing large ensemble pieces previous to my enrollment which really forced me to think in and outside of the box in order to come up with a concept I felt would satisfy me. 

Lost In The Woods of My Own Mind | TrioIsaiah Jackson
00:00 / 06:18

Patricia's Old Songs 

Patricias old songs was another project that was assigned to me by my professor. This duet forced me to again come up with interesting concepts that not only would into a large ensemble piece but cuould also be interesting on its own or with just one other instrument. This was my first time making a duet of any sort.

Patricias Old Song- Cello and Violin Duet Isaiah Jackson
00:00 / 04:31


Legacy was another project I was assigned in my high school Music Tech class. The peramatures of the assignment were to remix a classical song. Can you guess which classical song I used? The inspiration for this piece came from John Paesanos Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales score. His score was the first time I heard a hip-hop-type beat mixed in with an orchestra, and it expanded my perception of music as a whole, and to him, I thank for that. 

LegacyIsaiah Jackson
00:00 / 02:24

The Hunt

The Hunt was a Halloween project in my Music Tech class. When creating it I attempted to try and capture a sound of a villain in a Movie, Tv-show or even a video game. This was my first attempt at making something truly dark. 

The huntIsaiah Jackson
00:00 / 03:46

It's Christmas

It's Christmas, well it's in the name. It's a Christmas project from my Music Technology class. At that point, my teacher knew I liked to compose orchestra pieces and for this project specifically, he challenged me to compose something without using strings. I will to you I tried but I just couldn't help myself. 

It's ChristmasIsaiah Jackson
00:00 / 04:44

All of the following audio recordings have been copyrighted by Isaiah Jackson

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